Services We Provide
Cleghorn Land Surveying, LLC provides the following services
anywhere in the state of Tennessee or Alabama.

Boundary Surveys - We can provide a determination of property
boundaries based on recorded information and evidence
collected in the field.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys - We are experienced in providing
surveys based on the nationwide standards established by the
American Land Title Association and American Congress of
Surveying and Mapping.

Topographic Survey - Utilizing electronic data collector and
Robotic Total Station, we can provide a contour map of your
property for use in designing building pad location,
parking areas, etc. on commercial properties, or for other                 
purposes that may be needed.

Subdivision Design - We have extensive experience in designing
residential and commercial subdivisions. We can provide
services for any phase of the development or serve as the lead
design professional for the complete project.
Cleghorn Land Surveying, LLC